First crate has been crated and deployed

Today is a big day for pynanny project: first crate has been created and deployed. nanna-cli is being tested on it right now.  While creating first crate I wished nanna-cli has been ready – it would streamline the development a lot. However the good news is that all future deployments will be done through nanna-cli command line utility. In the future I will describe both pynanny architecture and design of crates. For now just bear with me please and share our enjoyment of new achievement in the development process.

A bit of technical background: to speed up test environment development we’ve been using Vagrant so far. It is a nice toy, but you can see its roots are still tightly tied to VirtualBox. Anyone who ever used VMWare Workstation probably dislike the idea of switching to VB and I’m not an exception here. Using Vagrant on Windows also poses some troubles (it means after installation you still need to make some tweaks to the configuration to make commands like vagrant ssh work etc.), and you can quickly see it is better suited for Linux systems. On the other hand in Linux world you have so many other choices besides Vagrant.  I just hope VMWare Workstation will still be developed in some form after EMC/VMware fired whole dev team earlier this year. As a side note – recent Microsoft announcement can take a hit on tools like Vagrant and other VE solutions used by devops.


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