CVE-2016-4340: GitLab critical update

As you may already know, we are using GitLab as git repository management solution. On 2nd of May, GitLab released critical security update for a range of its products. Read more about it here and it is high time to update if you are running your own GitLab instance. The update deals with number of […]

First customer

I have some exciting news today: while nanna-cli is still in development today we’ve got a first customer. It doesn’t happen very often to get a customer to believe in your idea and  wants to use a product that is still not even in alpha stage. However our basic  docker-enabled crate fitted our customer needs […]

Removing 404 project from gitlab-ce

We are using gitlab ce as SCM frontend plus as simple CI solution. Recently we’ve been hit by following problem: after renaming old project that was occupying namespace we’ve created a new one  with exactly the same name. Creation of new project first failed, but after hitting refresh button in a browser it got created successfully. […]

First crate has been crated and deployed

Today is a big day for pynanny project: first crate has been created and deployed. nanna-cli is being tested on it right now.  While creating first crate I wished nanna-cli has been ready – it would streamline the development a lot. However the good news is that all future deployments will be done through nanna-cli […]

Build 2016: bash coming to Windows

If you haven’t heard yet: Windows 10 will be able to run Linux ELF binaries natively. There is an agreement between Microsoft and Canonical to supply Ubuntu based packages for Windows.  This has been announced and demonstrated on Build 2016 conference. You can read about it more in the post by Kevin Gallo about Windows […]